My name is Benjamin Kuwas, I am 21 years old and an aspiring film blogger. In 2014 I graduated from Sunderland University studying Digital Film Production and now post university life consists of my employment at Next Home Store and writing the Collision Film Blog.

Collision Film is a blog where various topics in film will be discussed. I will share my opinion on such topics, and the invitation is there for you to either comment on the blog with your own opinion or send an email requesting a certain topic to be covered. It will also be a place where I will upload film reviews, news in film and vlogs.

Film has always been my passion, ever since I studied Film Studies at 6th Form my interest for film developed like an avalanche and now it is something that I am pursuing for my future career. Studying Film Production has allowed me to have a deeper respect for the behind the scenes of a film shoot, but because of my course it has shown me a different path that I would like to pursue. At University, the role that I took on for my dissertation project was Producer and it was a strenuous job to say the least yet it was also very rewarding. However, it was the furthest I could take my interest for film production and It was at that moment I decided film production wasn’t necessarily for me, now I am investing time into this film blog and it is something that I want to develop and see where it can take me.

From 2009-2014 I was part of the Young Tyneside Programmers at the Tyneside Cinema. It was a very interesting programme where a group of young people were chosen to organise various film events at the Tyneside Cinema. We had success with these film events and In 2013 I was invited onto a panel discussing the role of young people in specialised cinema at an event called “The Kids Are Alright?”. Cinema programming is also another interest of mine, an interest that I would like to go forward with in the future.

Whilst film is my passion, nothing is more important to me than my faith and my belief in God. I attend the NCLC church at Westgate Road, it is part of the the Hillsong Family and is a vibrant and welcoming environment for everyone.


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