Actors Appreciation Season: BEN AFFLECK

Welcome back to Actors Appreciation Season! I’ve been figuring out which actor I should focus on next, this time I’ll be talking about the one role that caught my attention and that would be Ben Affleck in Gone Girl. Ben Affleck has had his fair share of media scrutiny and has experienced the harshness of film critics, and he has risen above by winning his second Oscar for Best Picture in 2013 for Argo. He also won Best Director in 2013 for Argo at the BAFTA’s, in which he mentioned about being thankful for his new lease of life in his career, his second act.

“This is a second act for me – you’ve given me that and I’m so grateful and proud. I want to dedicate this to anyone that’s trying to get their second act because you can do it,”

After his Oscar win for Best Writing in 1998 for Good Will Hunting (alongside Matt Damon) he has had quite an experience as an actor, starring in box office flops like Gigli and critically panned films like Daredevil (for which audiences haven’t forgotten about when he was cast as Batman in the follow up to Man of Steel) but that all changed once he took hold of his career and started doing work behind the camera with 2007’s Gone Baby Gone. He then directed The Town and his critically acclaimed Argo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.01.00 2

He still hasn’t given up on acting as he delayed his next directorial effort (Live By Night) so that he could work with David Fincher on 2014’s Gone Girl. This role was perfect for him as he understood what it was like to be perceived and judged by the media as he mentions in the October 2014 edition of Empire Magazine. Ben Affleck totally commits to the role and you go on his characters crazy journey to find out the fate of his missing wife.

Ben Affleck is willing to learn as well. As the established actor and director that he is, Affleck still wants to develop his craft as a director, as he mentions one of the reasons he agreed to play in Gone Girl, “Honestly, I thought, ‘It’ll probably make me a lot of a better director, for next time,’…”* This role for Affleck is layered, it’s not just a role but it is a chance to acknowledge his past and tell audiences that he is serious about his work and his love for filmmaking. Affleck plays a character that doesn’t fit the conventions of a leading man, this gives him a chance to take on different roles and challenge audiences perceptions of him.

Not only with his character, Nick Dunne, but with the whole film itself there are developments and discoveries that will shock audiences. Gone Girl starts as a missing person drama type thriller, but evolves into a film you didn’t know you were watching.

amy dunne

Let’s not kid ourselves, Gone Girl is Rosamund Pike’s film as she totally owns it. However, Ben Affleck is a great co-star that has a great on screen chemistry with Pike and they both deliver an interesting dynamic as the dysfunctional married couple (I’ve said too much already). Watch the film to see their incredible performances and see Ben Affleck like you’ve never seen him before. His performance in the film is very convincing, you believe this character and there is a genuine nature to Affleck’s approach to the role.

It’s hard to describe in full how Affleck’s performance pays off without giving away any spoilers, but I will say that Affleck brilliantly showcases different sides of the character through his acting style. Also as the audience, it could be argued that you feel like a spectator and Nick allows you to go on the journey with him so that he’s not isolated by the situations that come upon him through the course of the film.

*EMPIRE Magazine. October 2014. Page 67.


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