BAFTA Film Awards 2015

Instead of doing a blog post about the BAFTAs, I got distracted by the Spider-Man news. So now I will review the major winners and share my thoughts on them. In general, whilst it was predictable, I’m happy with the winners. Still, whilst their victories are well deserved, deep down I would have preferred other nominees to have won. Let’s review the films that found the most success on the evening!


The Grand Budapest Hotel won 5 BAFTAs, including Best Original Screenplay and many of the production design awards. It was also nominated for Best Leading Actor (Ralph Fiennes) Best Film and Best Director (Wes Anderson). As mentioned in my previous blog, this is an incredible success considering the film was released 11 months ago, which is a lifetime in Award Show times. It is a gem of a film, full of vibrancy and off beat humour. This film deserves all the production design awards as it was a visual feast for the eyes, and it should find success at the Oscars.


The Theory of Everything was also another strong winner, scooping up the awards for Best Actor (Eddie Redmayne), Outstanding British Film and Best Adapted Screenplay (Anthony McCarten). The Theory of Everything is a beautiful film with compelling performances from Oscar nominees Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, both giving convincing performances that draw you into the film. As much as I would have loved Benedict Cumberbatch to win, Redmayne is a worthy winner as he had that edge to his performance. It’s rare that you forget who the actor is in the film playing a certain character, but with Redmayne you believed he was Stephen Hawkings.

In relation to its Outstanding British Film win, it did posses a quintessential English quality. The film is so quaint yet with strength by dealing with the deeper topics of physical deteration and what effect it can have on a marriage. It also shows the strength of Felicity Jone’s character, Jane Hawkings, to support and fight for her husband. It’s always going to be a close race between this film and The Imitation Game, and so far the theory is that this films will scoop up everything at the award shows.


Boyhood was the major winner, winning Best Film, Best Director (Richard Linklater) and Best Supporting Actress (Patricia Arquette). It’s one of those films which deserves to win because of how unique and original the concept it, yet if it hadn’t been filmed over 12 years, would it still have the same effect? Who knows, but it is great to see a low budget film overtake it’s competition emerging as the Best Film of the awards season.

Richard Linklater definitely deserved his win for creating a refreshing concept and being bold enough to be unconventional in filmmaking. I still can’t believe that Linklater also directed School of Rock! Both great but totally different films. Patricia Arquette deserves her win, but to be honest I would have loved to see Emma Stone or Keira Knightley win. However, Boyhood deserves all the success it has received and I assume this is how it will fare at the Oscars next week.

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)
Julianne Moore won the Best Leading Actress award for her role in Still Alice. The film has yet to be released in the UK so I haven’t seen it yet, but she’s received critical acclaim for her performance. She has already won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and has been nominated an Oscar for her role. This is her first BAFTA win and now becoming a five time Oscar nominee, it’s safe to assume she’ll walk away with the prestigious Academy Award. She may deserve all the success for her role in Still Alice, but my guess is that it is more of a celebration of her career rather than celebrating a specific role. So that’s how I knew the other nominees had no chance and they probably shouldn’t prepare an acceptance speech at the Oscars this year.

amy dunne

If I had my way, I would have loved to see Rosamund Pike win for her role in Gone Girl. A completely transformative role that has truly put her on the map. But this is her first nomination and it was her first Golden Globe and Oscar nomination, so fair enough by giving the awards to Julianne Moore. Also it’s great seeing Felicity Jones gaining some overdue recognition, after catching people’s attention in the 2011 indie hit Like Crazy. Good thing I prepared myself for Pike and Jones losing to Moore, it’s most likely the same result will occur next week.

Clearly I haven’t mentioned the Oscars enough in this blog post, so if you hadn’t noticed, next Sunday the Academy Awards will take place (showing at 1:30am on the 23rd February in the UK) and I’m so excited!

What are your thoughts on this years BAFTA winners and is it a good indication of how things will go next week?


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