The NOT-so Amazing Spider-Man

Nearly 5 years ago, I heard the tragic news that Tobey Maguire would no longer play the famous web slinger. Instead Andrew Garfield took over in 2010 to star in a reboot of the franchise which was released in 2012.

Today, news broke that Spider-Man would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning that The Amazing Spider-Man franchise has come to an end. First of all I have one question: Is this a joke?! I finally embraced the new direction Marc Webb took with the character, Andrew Garfield made an amazing Spider-Man and the recent outing was a lot of fun.


To be honest with you, I’m not completely surprised. I’m frustrated and yet really excited about this new chapter. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released last year to lukewarm reviews and whilst it was a box office success (by normal standards) it was the lowest grossing Spider-Man film ever. People recycled the excuse that there were too many villains and that the narrative was uneven. Also when the third film was moved from a 2016 release date to 2018, things didn’t look to good for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Sony were even planning a Sinister Six film, and a fourth Spider-Man film and a lot of story threads were to be explored in these future films. Director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) took a different approach to the origin story, going deeper into the past of Peter Parker and the fate of his parents. The Amazing Spider-Man also introduced Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) as the love interest as opposed to Mary Jane Watson. Without spoiling the second film, it would have been interesting to see the direction that Andrew Garfield could have taken with the character of Peter Parker in future films.


Originally it was to be a trilogy and then they extended it to four films, which I could love with, and it seemed like Sony were taking their time establishing this new Spider-Man universe. Clearly that was too much to ask, because yet again, they gave up and now want to start from scratch.

Clearly I’m not 100% happy with this, however, I am also excited for what Marvel has planned. In December 2014, through the Sony email leaks, it was reported that there had been discussions of Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They dismissed these claims, only to confirm them shortly afterwards.


Basically, I have mixed feelings about the news. I know Marvel will do their thing and make it work and it will be exciting to see the new cast members, but it just seems too soon. It was premature of Sony to reboot the franchise with the 2012 film, and it’s definitely premature with the new solo Spider-Man film will be coming out in July 2017. It would have been different if there had been no films since the 2007 film, and that they hadn’t started with a new vision. But they did, and should have stuck with it.


The reason why I have to vent like this is because Spider-Man is my favourite Superhero. I remember watching the 2002 version and loving it! The original trilogy is the best, and I embraced the new films. So I guess I just need to process this news and when it comes out I know I’ll love it.

I guess Andrew Garfield can relate to Tobey Maguire when he replaced him as Spider-Man. At least Emma Stone doesn’t really have to concern herself with the news (if you know what I mean!)



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